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Beyond Shiatsu - The Seiki Path mit Paul Lundberg

Beginn:  24.05.2019
Ende:  25.05.2019
Ort:  Berliner Schule für Zen Shiastu, Wittelsbacherstr. 17, 10707 Berlin, 6. Stock
Leitung:  Paul Lundberg
Teilnehmergebühr:  270 €
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Beyond Shiatsu - The Seiki Path

This course will offer all participants the chance to go deeply into questions and presumptions underlying our training and practice as therapists. Firstly, we will look at the way Shiatsu training follows conventional principles, whether these are associated with modern or traditional East-Asian medicine or with the particular schools and styles of Shiatsu itself. Then we will consider how this connects with those deeper issues of life, freedom and happiness which affect all human beings.

If we are really concerned with healing, we need to step beyond therapeutic expertise and the exercise of medicine to embark on a journey of self-transformation. A point is reached when formal knowledge and learned techniques must be integrated, transcended or abandoned.

The ancient philosophies of the East recognised reality as dynamic continuum of matter, energy and consciousness, and pointed out many practical ways to harmonise inner experience with the exterior world without separating body, mind and spirit. Transmitted through Taoism, Shinto and Zen, the principals of harmony between Nature and humanity were embedded in Japanese Ki Culture and the Hara arts, including subtle forms of medicine. This is the proper context for modern Shiatsu, without which it becomes limited and diminished.

Seiki is an integral system of essentially simple practices based in this tradition. It serves as a contemporary guide and a vehicle for exploring Life-movement harmony on a level that can be shared by everyone without distinction. It is "nothing special", but it is spacious and deep. It may become the means by which we find and follow a personal path, "a path with heart".


Paul Lundberg is a widely experienced international teacher and course leader in the field of East-Asian Medicine and subtle healing practices including Chinese Daoyinqigong. He is a co-founder of The Shiatsu College (UK) and author of "The New Book of Shiatsu", published in 15 languages world-wide. He studied and followed the Seiki Way with Akinobu Kishi during a period of more than thirty years. He has published numerous articles on Shiatsu and Seiki and writes an occasional blog in the form of shorter essays on these and related subjects: Paul Lundberg's Blog

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Unterrichtszeiten: Samstag und Sonntag von 10 - 17 Uhr

Kursgebühr: 270,- Euro, Fälligkeit 4 Wochen vor Kursbeginn,
Frühbucherrabatt 10% bis 30 Tage vor Kursbeginn.

Berliner Schule für Zen Shiatsu, Wittelsbacherstr. 17, 6. Stock mit Fahrstuhl, 10707 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
U-Bahnlinie 7, Bahnhof Konstanzer Straße, ca. 3 Minuten entfernt

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Artikel und Interview von Paul Lundberg:
Von Yin zu Yang zu Kyo und Jitsu
Kultur, Ki und der Heiler als Künstler
Seiki, a way of development

Ein kleiner Eindruck von Paul - im Gespräch mit Clifford Andrews - ist hier zu sehen auf youtube

Mehr über ihn auf seiner Website mit integriertem Blog:


Paul Lundberg

Shiatsutätigkeit seit 1975
Diplom in Akupunktur 1978
Mitbegründer des Shiatsu College (UK)
Autor von „Die heilende Kraft des Shiatsu"
(übersetzt in 14 Sprachen)



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